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Join The Park Ultra Lounge for the exclusive Sacramento performance of Taryn Manning. This beauty has just begun to break through to the masses with a huge body of work as a triple threat: actress, singer, and DJ. From the big screen to television to the dance floor, she has rocked the stage with her abilities as a performer. To start the night off The Park has their own party-rocker to set the tone: DJ Gabe Xavier.


  • $15
  • Ages 21+


  • June 15, 2012
  • Fri 9pm-2am

Venue Info

Info Phone: (916) 802-3036

twerdy asked: Turn It Up goes hard! Heard you were out djing with Seth Lowery, which is AWESOME! Course I was sick :( When you gonna come back to the Dallas area?!

Thanks for that, be sure to keep an eye out for ‘Send Me Your Love’, my new single! And always booking gigs love, so hopefully soon:)

To all of my lovelys! Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted on my blog (been a busy bee ;) ) but I really wanted to share a little teaser of my new single SEND ME YOUR LOVE by not only NED SHEPARD + SULTAN but also LINNEY + ILL FACTOR !! TURN IT UP was a great success and was such a fun song but I feel its time i take you inward with me, a little closer to the heart with ‘Send me your Love’ hope you have as much fun dancing, celebrating life, and loving one another to this hopeful anthem from yours truly! Let it blast!!

 Don’t forget this is only a teaser so keep your eyes and ears pealed for the full length song and video mid-summer and let me know what you all think!!!

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Xx, T$M

Photo Credit: Hasson Harris






paradiiiise-xo asked: Hey! I love your blog! :)

thanks dear!!!!

phillyphoreigner asked: "turn it up" is so good Taryn. i know i'm a nobody so my opinion may not count much, but it's real good to hear you back making music again. i've loved everything you've done from "wasting my time" on the 8 mile soundtrack, to "the wreckoning" and all the boomkat stuff to this. keep doing what you do!

you opinion absolutely matters, this music is for you guys, are you crazy!! Thank you for your kind words sweets, it truly means the world!! XO T

A little something for you all this morning! This is an acoustic rendition of my song ‘Send Me The Love’ which should be dropping soon! Keep posted lovies, and have a beautiful day!!

Coachella weekend! 

Played in the desert this weekend and from the show to the parties, everyone was out to have a good time, dance and play in the sun. This is just one quick clip from the Belvedere Party I spun at this year! More to come!! Hope everyone got home safe and sound and happy!  We all know how hard it is to get back to work mode;) Xx T

Coachella | Young Hollywood 

Coachella this year was such a blast!! Many updates to come!

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